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Astrological Remedies for Delay in Marriage for Boys & Girls

In today’s world, delays in marriage are a common concern for many, affecting both men and women alike. Such delays can lead to various emotional, social, and familial pressures. This blog introduces astrological remedies as a hopeful solution for those experiencing these challenges. Whether the delays stem from personal circumstances or external factors, astrology provides insights and practical remedies aimed at overcoming these hurdles.

Astro Bhavneet Sharma, expert in vedic astrology, offers tailored solutions that address the unique cosmic factors influencing each individual’s marital prospects. Here, you’ll discover how specific planetary alignments might be impacting your matrimony journey and learn about effective, easy-to-implement astrological remedies designed to enhance your chances of finding a life partner.

By the end of this blog, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how astrology can be helpful, equipped with actionable steps to help you move forward. Let’s explore the cosmic guidance that promises to pave the way for love and companionship in your life.

Understanding Delay in Marriage from an Astrological Perspective

Astrological insights suggest that delays in marriage can often be traced back to the positions of specific planets and their aspects within an individual’s birth chart.

The 7th house, governing marriage and partnerships, along with the influence of planets like Venus (love and harmony), Mars (energy and assertiveness), Jupiter (expansion and blessings), and Saturn (lessons and delays), play crucial roles in determining the timing of marriage.

Unfavorable alignments or aspects involving these planets can create obstacles to marriage. Understanding the astrological reasons behind such delays can provide a foundation for identifying effective remedies to facilitate timely and harmonious marital unions. By exploring these cosmic influences, we unlock pathways to navigate and mitigate the delays in marriage.

Common Astrological Reasons for Delay in Marriage

For Boys:

  • The presence of Saturn in the 7th house can indicate significant delays due to Saturn’s nature of imposing challenges and slow growth.
  • Mars in the 7th house, known as Mangal Dosha, can also create obstacles, as Mars’s aggressive energy may hinder peaceful partnerships.

For Girls:

  • Venus’s weak placement or affliction in the birth chart suggests difficulties in finding the right partner, as Venus governs love and marital harmony.
  • Jupiter being weak or afflicted, as Jupiter represents the husband in a female’s chart, can delay marriage.

Both genders may face delays if Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes, adversely affect the 7th house or its lord, introducing karmic challenges to be addressed before marriage can occur. Understanding these specific astrological conditions offers insight into personalized remedies that can mitigate these delays.

Astrological Remedies to Overcome Delay in Marriage

For many, the journey to the altar is delayed by unseen cosmic forces. Astrology offers a beacon of hope with specific remedies designed to align celestial influences favorably for marriage. Below are detailed, actionable remedies tailored for those experiencing delays, along with tips on implementing them effectively:

1. Enhancing Venus for Love and Marriage

Detailed Remedy: Venus, the planet of love, significantly influences marital prospects. To strengthen Venus, consider wearing light colors like white or pink, especially on Fridays. Fasting on Fridays can also amplify Venus’s positive effects.

Actionable Tips: Offer pink flowers or sweets at a temple dedicated to Venus. Wear a diamond or opal ring on your right hand’s ring finger to enhance Venus’s beneficial aspects.

2. Worship and Devotion to Marriage Deities

  • Detailed Remedy: Regular worship of deities associated with marriage, such as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, can help eliminate obstacles. Performing a special pooja or offering prayers can invoke divine blessings for marriage.
  • Actionable Tips: Chant the “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra 108 times daily or conduct the Shiva Parvati pooja at home or in a temple. Offer white flowers or milk during worship.

3. Wearing Specific Gemstones

  • Detailed Remedy: Astrologically recommended gemstones can mitigate negative planetary influences. For instance, yellow sapphire strengthens Jupiter, beneficial for women, while men may benefit from wearing emerald to enhance Mercury’s positive aspects on communication and relationships.
  • Actionable Tips: Consult with an experienced astrologer to select the right gemstone and carat. Wear the gemstone in the appropriate metal, like gold for yellow sapphire, on the prescribed finger for maximum effect.

4. Fasting and Charitable Acts to Appease Planets

  • Detailed Remedy: Fasting on specific days related to troubling planets in your marriage house can appease them. Charitable acts, especially those related to marriage (like sponsoring a wedding), can also improve your marital prospects.
  • Actionable Tips: If Saturn is causing delays, consider fasting on Saturdays and donate black clothing or sesame seeds to the needy. For Mars-related delays, Tuesday fasts and donating red foods can be beneficial.

5. Mitigating Mangal Dosha

  • Detailed Remedy: Mangal Dosha, a common astrological condition thought to delay marriage, can be mitigated through rituals like Kumbh Vivah or by wearing a Mangal Kavach amulet.
  • Actionable Tips: Perform the Kumbh Vivah ceremony with a banana or peepal tree to nullify the dosha’s effects before seeking an actual marriage partner. Wearing the Mangal Kavach daily can also protect against Mars’s negative impacts.

By approaching these remedies with dedication and faith, individuals can significantly enhance their prospects for finding a suitable marriage partner. It’s important to remember that these remedies should complement your efforts in the tangible world, such as being open to meeting new people and maintaining positive relationships.


Through astrological insights and remedies, we’ve unveiled paths to navigate the delays in marriage faced by many. These solutions, ranging from strengthening planetary influences to venerating deities of love, offer hope and actionable steps toward finding marital bliss.

Astro Bhavneet Sharma, with his profound expertise, stands ready to guide you through personalizing these celestial strategies to your unique cosmic blueprint. Embrace the power of the stars and step confidently towards your future, hand in hand with the partner you’re destined to find. For a personalized journey toward love, reach out to Astro Bhavneet Sharma today.

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